How To Send Direct Messages With Instagram Chatbot?

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70% of customers look at Instagram before making a purchase, according to a study, so business owners usually get a lot of direct messages, comments, and likes. You don’t want to ignore any of these messages, but responding to each person individually is time-consuming and inefficient. So, automation can help eliminate this stressful situation and keep track of the pool of leads.

So, if you add the Instagram robot for direct texts, the job is done for you. Using robots can give companies a lot of new possibilities. Conversational AI on Instagram can answer customers’ questions immediately and make their experience so good that they tell their friends about it. The blog will discuss why we need Instagram robots and how to use them for direct messages.

How do you use an Instagram robot for direct messages?

Answering similar questions

More than half of people expect a business to be open 24/7. They want their problems to be fixed as soon as possible. But it’s almost impossible for customer service workers to do their jobs around the clock. The Instagram robots are useful at that point. The bot talks to clients one-on-one in real time while you’re not there. It takes care of long, routine tasks so that people can work on more complicated things.

Automate sales

Instagram robots can help you build great conversations to keep customers returning and automate sales. Conversational AI and natural language processing help the robot understand what the customer is saying, how they feel, and their problems.

The Instagram robot responds by giving the user information about the goods, the user, the state of their order, or the shop’s address. Not only that, but the bot can also help customers pay by supporting deals through any third-party payment solution or sending customers to the checkout page of the business website.

Personalized product recommendations

Any business can benefit a lot from personalized product recommendations. When buyers see goods that are useful to them, they are more likely to buy them. Conversational AI sends personalized suggestions to users to help them decide what to buy.

For example, when helping a customer with a question about a product, the bot asks a pre-set question and keeps the customer’s answer so it can suggest similar goods in the future. Also, the Instagram robot can make the job more engaging by asking buyers if they are intrigued by related goods and giving them the option to say yes or no. With that goal in mind, AI can make product suggestions.

Retarget carts that were left empty

With the help of the Instagram robot, you can send promotional texts to people whose shopping carts were left behind. Timed template messages can be a great way to get your customer to buy something. For example, a customer put a cell phone in the shopping cart but didn’t buy it. A trained Instagram robot sends discount offers to customers automatically to get them to buy something.

Product Details

The Instagram robot can tell people about your goods through direct texts and turn those people into buyers. Or, you can set up a robot script that works 24X7 days a week to answer clients’ questions and interact with them. You can share blogs, slideshows, how-to videos, podcasts, and other material with the person to help them learn.

Why do we need an Instagram chatbot?

First, with 2 billion active users every month, Instagram is a very popular social media site. With that many eyes on the app, businesses of all kinds can do well. With a strong presence, a business can make more people aware of its brand and easily connect with its customers.

Businesses can get the most out of Instagram by teaming up with people with many fans or “influencers.” Influencers can help you get the word out about your product, boosting sales for your business. Using the right terms on Instagram makes a brand more visible.

This is where you can easily find out what your rivals are doing. You can change the method they post and talk to their fans, giving you ideas for your own Instagram bot approach. It lets you run personalized ads that can be tracked and get new users.

Target a particular group of people, add a link to your website, and collect useful information about your users for future use. And adding robots to Instagram is like putting whipped cream on top. People can write to you whenever they want and from anywhere. And you can use this chance to give your customers a great experience and improve your sales.


Chatbot is there to help you boost your sales if that’s what you want. With Chatbot, getting started is easy and cheap, and it will assist you in growing your profile by letting you connect with people of all ages.

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