10 Best Free WordPress Landing Page Themes 2023

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You can find many free WordPress themes online, but not all are the same. Some are easier to use and better made than others. Landing pages are an essential part of any website, and you desire to ensure yours is up to speed. So, we’ve put together a list of the best free WordPress themes for landing pages for you to select from. These high-quality themes can be used to make a business landing page.

VW Landing Page

VW Landing Page is a clean, well-designed WordPress theme for landing pages. Due to its adaptable design, it works well for a variety of websites and businesses, including digital marketing firms, web design firms, corporate entities, consulting firms, authors, athletes, and health care providers, as well as cafes, spas, equipment bands, real estate firms, parallax hotels, and product launch videos. It is also possible to start selling, marketing, or posting online.

This landing page theme is flexible, which means it will load properly on any device, like a tablet, phone, laptop, or computer. It has SEO built in, which will help it get a better search rank. It can be tied to social networks, making it easier to communicate with people and compatible with different platforms and in multiple languages.

Builders Landing Page

The free WordPress theme Building Landing, the parent theme, was used to make the Builders Landing Page child theme. With this theme, you don’t have to write just one line of code to create a professional website that works on all devices for building a business. You can do this by making a lead that turns into a website.

You can create a website focusing on sales for other construction-related businesses, such as architects, interior design services, plumbers, builders and packers, gardeners, and other creative agencies. You can use this theme to make a site for each business.

With this theme, you don’t need any experience or technical knowledge to make a fully working website. It has choices and functions that are both hard and easy to use. This theme’s beautiful and appealing design will keep people interested in your website while making it more likely they will buy from you.

Author Landing Page

Because this theme has a main page with a high conversion rate, you will be able to get more people interested in your book and generate more sales. You won’t have to write a single line of code when you use this theme to make a landing page for your book launch that performs well on mobile devices and looks professional. Since this theme performs well with the famous WooCommerce app, you can market your books on your website. This will make it possible for you to sell your books online.

App Landing Page

Rara Theme company made the WordPress theme for the app’s main page. With your help, it can assist you in showing off your most recent application creatively and appealingly. This theme has a lot of things that will make your customers happy, like pictures of the app and links to the Apple Store and Google Store, where the theme can be downloaded. The theme has been changed to work better on mobile devices and is now prepared to be turned into other languages.

Lawyer Landing Page

Lawyer Landing Page is a classy, professional, and well-built WordPress theme. It is made for lawyers, law businesses, and legal websites. The theme is flexible and easy to use, so various businesses, corporations, and artists can use it. The Lawyer Landing Page has many components that work together to create a website that is simple to use, enjoyable to engage with, and visually appealing.

These characteristics include a personalized menu, an eye-catching sign with a contact form, an About section, a Service section, a Reviews section, a Team section, and interaction with social networks. The theme has been thoroughly tried, cleaned up, and improved so that pages load faster and work faster overall. It’s also ready to be translated regarding the idea behind it.

Construction Landing Page

It is a free WordPress theme you can get if you run a construction company or business. The theme was made with your business in mind. Businesses related to rebuilding or construction could profit significantly from using this theme. This includes interior design, architecture, plumbing, moving and packing, gardening, and any other business related to building or construction.

The pull-out contact form on this free website template is a great way to get more emails from people interested in getting in touch. This theme is ideal for large and small organizations who want to create a landing page that effectively generates and retains leads. This theme is an excellent option for this kind of business because it can be used in many ways.

Book Landing Page

Book Landing Page WordPress theme, you can make a landing page for your book. Here is where it can be found. The site has been revamped to get more possible users and sell more books. The customer doesn’t need to know how to code in any capacity to use the theme.

Marketing Agency

The Marketing business theme is a high-quality product that was carefully made by pros to help you make a professional website for your digital marketing business. This free theme has a clean, simple look that makes your main content stand out.

It can be used to create showcase websites for SEO and advertising agencies or any type of online marketing business, including cooperatives, advertising, digital markets, e-books, music, tutorials, videos, code snippets, resumes, corporate agencies, portfolios, startups, companies consulting online marketing, and web marketing.

Because there are so many ways to change how your website looks and make it more personal, you can do it however you want. Built into the site are choices for social media, which you can use to show off your marketing skills while boosting your business. Its design is set up for the retina, which lets clear pictures appear when displayed on it.


Batpa is a flexible WordPress theme that is made for large businesses. Choose this WordPress theme if you require it to create websites that look perfect down to the last pixel. It moves quickly, looks good, and is easy to change. It is ideal for companies, consulting firms, digital agencies, creative firms, building firms, corporate marketing departments, financing departments, advertising departments, multipurpose websites, portfolio sites, sports websites, programs websites, startup websites, cafes, restaurants, food menus, hotels, pizzas, reservations websites, online event conferences, zoom meetings, and news and magazine websites.

Digital Marketing Lite

The Digital Marketing Lite theme was created with the professional, advertising, IT, startup, company, business, and consulting areas of the digital market in mind. Some of these places are: It is now being sold on the global online market at prices that make it feasible for many people to purchase.

It’s an excellent option for both digital companies and individuals, and it has several excellent and unique features. Digital Marketing Lite is one of many great choices. Some of these are that the item can be used differently, has a simple beauty, and is small.

Other features include the ability to react to user input, support for screens with a retina resolution, support for translation, support for portable devices, support for Bootstrap, customization choices, and clean code, among many others. The ability to react to what the user puts in is another benefit.

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