5 Best Free Wordpress Travel Blog Themes For 2023

5 Best Free WordPress Travel Blog Themes For 2023

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So, you love to travel and want to tell everyone about your adventures? But you don’t know how to say what you want online? If so, we’ll take care of you. Travel blogs are a great way to tell people about your adventures. You can make money with a trip blog if you do it right.

But first, you must study to find the best topic for your job. Themes for WordPress are flexible and beautiful and make your site look great. The best thing regarding themes is that you can find many for free. With the right style, you can captivate your readers while making them feel like they are along for the ride.

Best Free Travel WordPress Themes

Below, We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free WordPress themes for travel blogs. You can start your blog about traveling right away. You can get a head start by using these ideas.

Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel is a simple and basic WordPress theme for travel blogs written by women. With this theme, you may convey your travel stories, trip advice, and outdoor tips in the most appealing way possible. Even though this theme is made for trip blogs, it can also be used for lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, etc. sites.

Its beautiful style and mix of colors make your trip website look good and keep people interested. Blossom Travel is one of the most versatile WordPress themes in terms of how much you can change it. Blossom Travel has endless colors, so you can pick the one that looks best and makes the most sense.

In the same way, this free theme’s easy-to-use theme menu has more than 200 Google Fonts. With this tool, it’s easy and quick to change the styles on your website. Blossom Travel has a Video Banner area, which most free themes don’t have. Adding relevant videos to the banner area is a great way to keep your audience interested.

Also, this free WordPress theme works well with both HTML5 Maps and Google Maps. With this exclusive app, you can put a map of all the places you’ve been on your site. This theme has 22 useful custom tools, such as an ad section, call-to-action buttons, an email mailing, a main page, a price table, an “about” section, and reviews, to make it more flexible.

In addition, this free theme works well with the eCommerce plugin, which will help you set up your online store. Blossom Travel also has an area where social media icons with links can be shown. This free WordPress theme is built with SEO and Schema in mind.

Travel Monster

Travel Monster is a high-end WordPress theme for travel writers and pages about travel. This theme is excellent for showing off your trip stories, photos, and videos because it looks clean and modern. The theme will look great on all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones because it is fully adaptable.

This means your travel blog will increase search results and get more readers. Travel Monster has many advanced features, such as integration with WP Travel Engine. This robust travel booking tool makes building and handling tour packages, locations, and tickets on your website easy.

Travel Monster has many advanced features and is also very easy to change. You can quickly change your website’s colors, fonts, and themes to fit your style and brand. The theme also comes with several styles and layouts that make it easy to make pages and posts look great.

Chic Lite

Chic Lite is a free WordPress theme with a flexible style that lets you show off different posts excitingly. This theme has excellent editing options for making your travel blog your own. This SEO-friendly theme will assist you in improving how well your site does in search engines.

Its mobile-friendly design allows your website to change to fit the screen size on any device. This theme has 900+ Google Fonts and endless color choices, making customization easy. Some good design choices for showing off your best posts are a smooth background with a slider and a “featured” area where you can add as many links as you want.

Chic Lite works with WooCommerce, so it’s easy to set up an online store on your blog to sell things like trip books. You can also advertise your website and make money with the “Advertisement” tool. You can use this theme to connect your different social media accounts and grow your online following.

You can even show your Instagram posts to get people to check out your Instagram page. There is support for social sites like VK, OK, and Zing that are used in Russia and China. This theme is ready to be translated so you can set it up in your language. The theme also works with right-to-left writing, like Arabic.

Sarada Lite

This clean theme can be used for many blogs and websites, such as travel, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Even though you don’t have to pay anything to use this template, the people who made it didn’t skimp on its features, quality, or speed. It has many premium-like features and functions that ensure it works well and gives the user a great experience.

Using this theme and setting it up is straightforward. Also, the built-in Live Customized makes it much easier to change things because it lets you see all the changes in real-time. With more than 900 excellent Google Fonts, this theme makes your travel blog easier to read and looks better.

This free WordPress theme is the cherry on top because it has a flexible and mobile-friendly design. Because this theme instantly adjusts to all screen sizes, this function makes it easier to read and gives users a better experience. Also, your website loads quickly, making it run much better.

The SEO and Schema-friendly methods in Sarada Lite are top-notch. With this theme, your trip blog will not only look better, but it will also do much better in the search engine results. The customer service for this free WordPress theme is also top-notch. So, you no longer have to worry if you have trouble with technology or if it gets in the way. You can easily ask for help from their helpful and friendly support team.


Vilva is a WordPress theme that can be used for almost any type of blog. This stylish theme is perfect for you if you want to talk about your travels or give advice about the outdoors. Vilva is different from other free themes because its unique color and font features give you complete control over its appearance.

If you don’t like the color of the basic theme, you can look through their massive list of colors to find the perfect one for your blog. It also has more than 900 Google Fonts for you to use. Pick the one that sounds the best to make it easier to read.

This free theme also works with the WooCommerce plugin, which lets you sell trip goods and tour packages on your site. This advanced app helps you make and set up your online shop so that you can market your goods there. This theme’s Shop Page can also be changed. On the Shop Page, you can add pictures and backgrounds and write an interesting description of yourself.

The Vilva WordPress theme is also designed for speed and search engines. Because of this, this theme can assist your website in doing well in all search engines. So, this theme will not only look good, but it will also help you beat your competition.

If you’re looking for a great way to make money while you sleep, the advertising tool that comes with this theme is a great choice. With this great feature, you can put ads for other brands and companies in the corner and make a good amount of passive income.

Vilva is also driven by how it works with social media. It works with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and all other business and popular social media sites. It lets you link your social networks to your website to get more people to see your brand.

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