10 Top Free WordPress Model Lifestyle Themes For 2023

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If you’re looking for Free Model WordPress Themes that will render your fashion blog look chic, you’ll love the free fashion model lifestyle WordPress themes. With these themes, your blog will have a high-end, on-trend look, making your readers swoon. Also, they are entirely free.

Floral Fashion

Floral Fashion is a free and simple-to-use fashion WordPress theme that is great for skilled blogs. It works well on mobile devices and is simple to use. It has been made to load quickly so that search engines rank you on their results pages.

With Floral Fashion, you can build a website for a wide range of markets, such as Fashion, travel, lifestyle, elegance, recipes, cosmetics, diaries, mom blogs, sports, and many more. With one click, you can also change how your website looks by choosing from an endless range of colors and more than a thousand different Google Fonts. You can also talk about the Instagram posts that you created to get more fans.

Fashion Freak

The Fashion Freak blog theme is an excellent piece of work with a style that will blow your mind. Because of how the theme was made, it will be easy for you to show off your content in a way that looks good. It can handle high-quality pictures and show them on the screen well.

In addition, the form is entirely flexible and adjustable. Your content is viewable on any size screen or device, and the layout of your display doesn’t change at all. One of the best things about Fashion Freak is that it has strong customization choices that are easy to use. The WordPress theme customizer lets you make all the changes and edits you want.

Fashion Pin

With the Fashion Pin WordPress theme, professional blogs can write posts that look like they came from Pinterest. You can easily make a visually appealing and eye-catching site to share your insider fashion tips, your favorite recipes, or a lifestyle, travel, food, makeup and cosmetics, workout, or any other type of blog. On the site, you can also share your best pictures.

With Fashion Pin, you have full power over how your website looks. You can choose from an endless color range and over 1000 Google Fonts. This theme is designed for search engines (SEO), portable devices (mobile friendly), and loading speed (fast loading), which will assist in helping your site rank better in search results.

If you use the mailing area and put it in the right place, the number of people who sign up should increase. This is where you can show off your most current Instagram posts. Fashion Pin follows the Schema standard, is ready to be translated, and works with WooCommerce and RTL.

Feminine Fashion

The Women’s Fashion blog theme is excellent for professional writers because it has many features but is still easy to use. This is a suitable theme for you if you want to start a lifestyle, beauty and cosmetics, exercise, or any other niche blog.

You can also share your best recipes, travel stories, and fashion tips. The theme is responsive, SEO-optimized, schema-friendly, and loads faster, which will help you get a better search engine ranking for your website.

With just one click, you can change how your website looks and choose from many colors and over 900 Google Fonts. This theme has an Instagram part where you can show off your Instagram posts. It also has an email section placed in a way that will help you get more leads.

Fashion Photography

It is an excellent choice for making a website about photography or a news website about photography. You can show off your work in a business setting using this theme. The layout and design of the theme are appealing, modern, rich, and polished. Because it depends on a bootstrap structure, it is straightforward to use.

The free WordPress theme for fashion images can be turned into many different languages and set up to read from right to left (RTL). It works with many popular WordPress apps like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and more. You can add unique shortcodes, CSS, and JS if you want to. It is written in codes that remain clear and safe.

Fashion Stylist

You can start a free fashion blog for women by utilizing the Blossom Fashion Free WordPress theme, which comes with a child theme called Fashion Stylist. Fashion stylist. Fashion Stylist’s user design is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also straightforward to use.

The current theme style will make getting more people to interact with your website more accessible. It was made from the ground up to make it easy for people to start fashion blogs. The easy customizing choices and high-quality features of this free theme make it look and feel like a paid product, even though it is free.

Modeling Lite

Modeling Lite is a WordPress theme that was made to help owners of modeling or fashion companies make websites that look like professionals made them. This free WordPress theme was created especially for modeling agencies. Still, it is adaptable enough to build a chic website for the fashion industry, modeling portfolios, individual and creative projects, photographers, musicians, animators, and design firms.

Hello Fashion

The Hello Fashion theme is a good choice for people who use WordPress to run business blogs because it is easy to use and works well on mobile devices. With Hello Fashion, you can make a website that targets many different markets, such as Fashion, travel, living, beauty, recipes, makeup, publications, mom blogs, and teaching.

You can also change how your website looks with just one click, and you’ll have access to Google Fonts, which has more than 900 fonts and an endless number of colors to choose from. You can also talk about the Instagram posts that you created to get more fans.

Adding the newsletter lets you grow your email list and stay in touch with your fans. Hello, Fashion is designed for search engines (SEO), speed, translation, right-to-left (RTL), and interoperability with WooCommerce.


The free ClubFashion WordPress theme lets you make a website quickly and easily. The ClubFashion theme is flexible and will work well on any screen. This theme could be helpful for any website. You can utilize the free theme that WordPress gives you if you run a fashion blog, a news website, a magazine website, or any other kind of website. ClubFashion is an online store that is up and running and ready for use.

Fashion Designer

This premium category theme, Fashion Designer, was made for fashion designers, fashion stylists, and people who work in fashion-related businesses or fields, such as Fashion Stylists, Fashion Stores, Fashion Store Fashion, Fashion Products, Accessories, and Modeling Agencies.

Fashion Designer was made so that only these people could use it. Some businesses that would profit most from this theme are make-up artists, personal designers, and individuals who sell virtual goods or fabric online. This is because the theme is flexible, elegant, and straightforward.

In addition to being sleek, easy to use, and ready for retina displays, a good website should also have an area for testimonials, choices for personalization, and a faster page load time. Bootstrap and a “Call to Action” button are lovely.


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