8 Best Lead-Generating Plugins For WordPress In 2023

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A well-made website for a business can be a powerful tool for getting new leads and buyers. Lead-generation methods that work well can make it easier for buyers and businesses to talk to each other. Because of WordPress, there are a lot of tools that can produce leads to help a sales plan work. This piece discusses “lead generation” and why it’s essential for your business.

Fluent Forms

Let’s discuss Fluent Forms, the best contact form builder tool for generating leads. This app has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that speeds up the form-making process. It gives you access to many unique features and new and additional functions. Say goodbye to code, which takes more time, and hello to easy form integration on your website. Make contact, registration, and other WP forms that work directly.

Key Characteristics:

  • You can drag and drop to make a contact form.
  • Layouts are offered for multi-column message forms.
  • Conditional reasoning is used in some of the form areas.
  • Forms on the web that work perfectly on mobile devices.
  • Google Recaptcha can be used to protect forms.
  • Different forms can use the same templates.
  • Ajax input checking and submission.
  • Mailchimp, Slack, and more can be used together.

Icegram Engage

Icegram Interact is the best WordPress tool for marketing and popups. This app is for you if you want to get more leads from your email list and keep people interested. With this app, writers and people who run businesses online can gather leads and make more sales.

You can make beautiful pop ups, slide-ins, opt-ins, welcome bars, and more without writing a single line of code. Messages can be sent to specific people and customized based on complex behavior automatic rules. Start a campaign for an infinite number of people. With just a few clicks, you can make a program and start using it.

Key Characteristics:

  • A tool that is entirely free to use
  • Pre-made themes and tools for collecting leads
  • Works perfectly with any WordPress theme.
  • Security methods and code that is strong
  • Triggers and changes that focus on the customer experience
  • Even for free users, there is advanced and real-life help
  • It has over 50 popups, styles, themes, an action bar, and more.


HubSpot gives you access to a complete tool with everything you need to succeed in sales, marketing, and customer service. Even though each of its goods is strong on its own, they reach their full potential when used together.

Check this out for yourself with the free HubSpot WordPress app. With HubSpot’s help, you can build a strong bond with your target market and help your business grow. The app has all-in-one features that enable handling the whole lead management process.

Key Characteristics:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship handling) and lead handling in one place
  • Email marketing strategies allow you to write and send emails.
  • Live chat and robots let people talk to each other right away.
  • Use personalized tools to gather leads and information
  • Get in-depth data on your efforts to get leads.
  • Integration of tools for social media, design, and more
  • Integration of scheduling tools for events and meetings


MailOptin is a great tool for WordPress that lets you build forms and make popups. It helps more people sign up for email, get more leads, and increase sales. Also, it has different forms, unique messages, and calls to action that can be shown in different ways. The easy-to-use popup maker makes it easy to make beautiful pop ups and campaigns that bring in new leads quickly. It sends blog posts to WordPress users immediately and lets them sign up for an email program.

Key Characteristics:

  • Create and modify lightbox popups
  • Forms for an email list on the left and in the widgets
  • Show a tailored message with a button that tells people what to do.
  • Form entries have more safety against bots.
  • Show choices and sign-up tools for email.


With HollerBox Popups for WordPress, you can significantly improve your website’s sales and lead creation. This tool can be a great option compared to other apps for getting leads. Hollerbox is a completely self-hosted tool that lets you use as many popups, leads, and views as possible. It’s great for businesses like agencies, online stores, and small companies that need effective popups.

Key Characteristics:

  • Make and tweak an efficient popup builder for getting leads.
  • Make as many popups, leads, or views as you want.
  • Focus on certain pages, posts, and groups of users.
  • Posts, style, styling, and effects can all be changed.
  • It works with some of the most famous CRM and email marketing systems.
  • Interface that is easy to use and doesn’t need any code
  • Use statistics to keep track of your popups and conversion rates.


ConvertPro is an email signup and lead creation tool made by the same company that made CartFlows and the Astra theme for WordPress. ConvertPro has a smart drag-and-drop form maker that makes it easy to make visual opt-in forms. It also has templates already made, saving even more time.

All of the code is fast and won’t make it take longer for a page to load. You can make simple opt-ins and dynamic, intelligent forms with the help of behavioral cues or complicated connections. ConvertPro works with exit intent, multiple-step popups, pop ups that open when a button is clicked, and more.

Key Characteristics:

  • Visual sign-up form maker
  • Templates that are professionally made and suited for change
  • Supports brilliant forms, behavior prompts, exit intent, and popups with more than one step.
  • Targeting choices that make it easier to send personalized messages
  • Fully adaptable and set up for speed
  • Works with the most central business tools
  • A/B testing tool that is built in


Getsitecontrol is a powerful WordPress tool that gives you many popup options to increase the number of people who buy from your website. You can make the best popups to get leads through email signups, poll forms, buy forms and advertising pop ups. With more choices, like slide-ins, moving notification bars, and exit-intent popups, you can get your call to action across to the right people at the right time.

Key Characteristics:

  • You can make popups in just a few minutes with the template gallery.
  • On mobile, the window looks perfect.
  • Use the built-in CSS tools to make exact popups.
  • No technology knowledge is needed to make popups.
  • Location, UTM, and various other factors are used to divide up the target crowd into groups.
  • Display popups based on what the customer is doing.
  • Make popups with more than one page and A/B test them.
  • You can connect with tools for email marketing, Google Analytics, and more.

Brave Builder

Brave Builder is the best way to get more people to buy from your WordPress site. You can easily make different popups, forms that get people to sign up, sticky bars, and sidebars. So, the drag-and-drop tool makes it easier to bring in users and make sales.

The free version of Brave Builder gives you access to 9 essential parts that you can use to convert your website. It has text, pictures, buttons, and different kinds of forms. Brave Builder has what you need, whether you want to get more people to sign up for your email, collect leads with contact forms, or create announcements with modals and lightboxes.

Key Characteristics:

  • A drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to create and customize popups.
  • Through offers, cross-sell, and linked product popups, WooCommerce can increase sales.
  • Make opt-in, comment, and contact forms with a lot of freedom.
  • With the right popup, you can target users at the right time and set your goals.
  • There are many themes for pop ups that you can use to make them.
  • 20 or more tools or services that work with newsletters
  • Using data, you can tell which popups are helpful.


Add the proper app to your WordPress site to make getting leads easier and smoother. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps to help you get more leads with less work. If you select the proper app from our list, you’ll see a big difference in how well your business sells.

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